What are Lessons Like?

Everyone loves music! 

But let's face it, very few adults choose to begin or continue pursuing a musical passion, while most kids view music lessons as just another thing to check off the list, along with homework, extracurricular activities, and chores.

What goes wrong?

After three degrees and a decade of teaching, I think it is because:

MUSIC is fun, uplifting, and personal


MUSIC LESSONS can be boring, discouraging, and monotonous.

Studio Herzog Lessons are Different

It is my personal mission to make lessons engaging, fun, and creative, by utilizing games,

humor, and a personalized curriculum for each and every one of my students.

What my students do:

Play Music that they Love

...and choose.  Once the basics are in place, my students have a lot of control over what they play - from the great classics to custom arrangements of popular songs, movie music, and folk tunes. 

Express Their Creativity

...by composing, improvising, and developing unique interpretations of the great masterworks.

Get Inspired, and Stay Inspired

...because they hear a teacher who performs at the highest level, and they listen to recordings as part of their weekly routine.

Discover that they can do anything

...if they put their mind to it. I teach every student differently, setting goals that are exciting, personalized, and attainable.

Become Independent Musicians

...not dependent students - through learning how to approach and master new music through intelligent, thoughtful practice.

Would you like more information? Or an introductory lesson? 

What my students say:

Dr. Herzog:

"Helped me learn to love playing the violin"

"Teaches passionately and with the utmost clarity"


"Is my favorite teacher so far!"

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