Kind Words

From Current and Former Students

William's deep understanding of the technical, psychological, and emotional aspects of violin-playing - and his ability to communicate this knowledge clearly and empathetically - is unparalleled, even among the many excellent teachers I've had.  

Anyone would be incredibly lucky to have him as a teacher.

Both my playing and my attitude toward playing have evolved significantly under his instruction, and I've seen him have the same impact on many others.  

              -Will Ejzak, Northwestern BMA student

I was an adult without any experience in musical instruments before taking lessons with William.

He helped me learn to love playing the violin.

I think I made a lot of progress by taking his class weekly and practicing. He has a lot of well-designed violin games to help beginners to learn. Many thanks!

              - Yizhuo He

Wil's thoroughness and attention to detail set the bar in terms of

recognizing and resolving my own issues (technical, stylistic, etc.). He’s great at thinking outside the box as well, finding

                     solutions that stick

with you and make you increasingly

independent. Wil is always looking to help

his students improve. While he expects

a lot out of them, he meets them where

they’re at, no matter how much or how

little their experience. He challenges

students to aim higher and higher and

supports them every step of the way

- both in their struggles, as well as

their achievements.

              - James Yarberry

Studying with William has had an extensive impact on how I practice and perform, and I'm incredibly grateful for his teaching.  In his studio, improvement does not happen accidentally, but it's the result of intentional and focused effort.  

William excels at diagnosing technical and musical issues

and designing exercises to fix them.  He emphasizes an efficient, targeted approach to problem-solving and strives to help his students find the best way to

practice  Most importantly, he encourages his students'

abilities in addressing problems and improving on their

own, which is the most useful skill of all.

              - Laurence Lohman, University of Rochester student

William taught me so much more than how to play a particular piece. I am now able to confidently take on a piece that I find musically or technically challenging, because I learned the most efficient ways to practice and, more importantly, how to come up with them.

Wil teaches passionately and with the utmost clarity,

always making sure that I understand the purpose of every exercise he prescribes. He is able to constantly come up with novel approaches that can solve my problems surprisingly quickly. For me, his coin-flipping method is remarkably special and effective, making even the most daunting practice routines interesting.

          - Haotian Jiang, University of Rochester student

William is full with humor and teaches very specifically. He is very positive about things and uses his own profession to teach you skills that you need to develop. I enjoyed his teaching very much and really learned a lot.

He is my favorite teacher so far!

              - Shushu Wu, 10

Watching Wil teach is an amazing experience.  He connects to kids so well.  The methods and games used - teaching so much but making it feel so light and kid-friendly - are ingenious. 

I only wish I'd  had a teacher like Wil

 myself when I was younger.

           - Elazar Flam, father of Yossi, 8

William has been patiently teaching our daughter violin and music theory for one year. His passion for teaching is evident on a consistent basis.

William is very creative and

inspires our daughter

to compose her own music to embrace her own creativity. Overall, William has been a pleasure to work with; a true musician, educator, and inspiration for our daughter.
           - Kristine Duran, mother of Heidi, 7

William was an excellent violin teacher for our son. As his first violin teacher,

he helped our son develop a

keen interest in the instrument.

William's pedagogical style was very impressive, and our son made significant progress in a few months!!

              - Ajay Anand, father of Ashwin

William is an incredible performer and teacher. I found his approach to technique and musicality to be very effective. He also pushes the importance of ear training and how it can help with intonation issues. Overall,

William's a great guy to work with.

              - Darius Coulson

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